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“I just wanted to let you all know that we are super pleased…..you guys did a great job with the sheet metal; accurate bends, nice clean welds, and the paint and texture are perfect match to the unit.  Top notch!  I just wanted to extend a big thank you to everyone at Classic and Core finishing, we really appreciate all the hard work on this and we are thrilled with the professional results.”

Mechanical Engineer – Motorola Solutions

“Hello Classic Team,

Excellent job!  Thank you!  You have not only supplied enough material to cover our backlog, but you also caught up with the forecast and midpoint and you are now ahead of the schedule.”

Supply Assurance Champion – Motorola Solutions

“I wanted to acknowledge your e-mail and thank you for making 2013 a success.  I am not sure if there is going to be some intervention from above on who, what, where, when we source it from, but I thought you deserved a chance on it.  Thanks again for all of your help. Your team is awesome to work with and has really helped us to get where we are today.”

Mechanical Technician – GE Global Research

“I believe Classic’s 50 years of success are attributable to quality, customer service, and integrity. Other providers will promise unattainable dates when all we as customers want is an honest answer so we can plan accordingly. In this area, Classic stands alone.  I honestly don’t believe you can improve on the high levels you have obtained in these key areas!”

Global Logistics Manager – Wells-Gardner

“The ability to tackle large orders and to be able to hold crucial tolerances for the integrity of the component is what sets your company apart from others that we have worked with in the past.  We noticed how your staff worked closely with each other to please your customer and to deliver a quality product in a very timely manner.  I could not have picked a better company to work with.”

Materials Manager – Material Sciences Corporation