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Press Brake Metal Forming


From simple brackets to intricate housings, Classic Sheet Metal’s Press Brake metal forming capabilities will yield quality assured parts. Our extensive metal forming equipment and highly experienced personnel can produce a variety of shapes including angles, “U” shapes, hat shapes, multiple bend shapes, “C” shapes, and off sets.

metal-formingThe set up procedure has become a much more dependable process due to the introduction of numerically controlled gages and rams.

When the proper tool is selected and settings are retreived, the machine will produce the same metal forming result time after time eliminating costly re-adjustments and re-inspections.

The ability to adjust the machine to hold dimension to a particular feature and to compensate for variations of metal thickness and hardness also adds to the efficiencies of this method of forming. The general precision of this machine is
+/- .016 (six sigma) to a feature or edge.

Equipment2 - 10' 175 ton press brakes with n/c backgage
1 - 12' 175 ton press brake with n/c backgage
1 - 10' 100 ton press brake with n/c backgage
1 - 6' 100 ton press brake with n/c backgage
3 - 6' 60 ton press brakes with n/c backgage
2 - 6' 30 ton press brakes with n/c backgage
AutomationOperators are trained and certified in the use of multiple machines.
Volume CapabilitiesPrototype Runs to Several Million Pieces Annually Depending on Product Complexity & Application
MaterialsAluminum (all grades)
Mild Steel
High Strength (HSLA) Steel
Cold Rolled Steel
Hot Rolled Steel
Galvanized Steel
Stainless Steel
Austinitic (300 series) Stainless Steel
Specialty Stainless Steel
Data ExchangeProEngineer
Master CAM
SolidWorks Part Files
SolidWorks Assembly Files
2D & 3D DXF Files
2D & 3D IGES Wireframe
other CAD/CAM Formats
Secondary OperationsTooling
Die Tapping
Value Added Process
Hardware Installation
Tapping & Deburring
Heat Treating
Returnable/Reusable Packaging

Press Brake Forming Defined

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The upper part of the press contains a punch that will press the sheet metal down into the v shaped die, causing it to bend. There are two techniques used here, “coining” where the part is hit home and conforms to the punch shape and radius; and “air bending” where the die has a sharper angle and radius than the required bend (typically 85 degrees for a 90 degree bend). The upper tool is precisely controlled in its stroke to push the metal down the required amount to bend it to the desired angle. The opening width of the lower die is typically 8 to 10 times the thickness of the metal to be bent.