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Metal Fabrication Industries Served


Classic Sheet Metal has served many customers in a wide variety of industries over the past 50 years.  Classic was built on the premise that quality and customer service are the cornerstones of excellence, which is why Classic has been successful for so long.  On the right are some of the key industries Classic has served for the past 50 years and still today.


  • Face plates, Front panels, Back Plane Covers
  • Side Plates, Bus Bars, Brackets
  • Card Cages, Chassis, Enclosures
  • Server Cabinets/Housings/Racks


  • Access covers, Antenna brackets
  • Computer Cabinets/Housings/Trays
  • Enclosures, Power Supply Trays
  • Junction panels, Control Panels
  • Module housings, PC Board Covers
  • Weldment Trays, Brackets

Automotive (Tier 2 or 3)



Military/Defense, Aerospace & Transportation