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Classic Sheet Metal was established in 1962 on the premise that Quality and Customer Service are the cornerstones of Excellence. As a leading sheet metal fabrication company, Classic Sheet Metal has transformed into a modern manufacturing facility producing products under an ISO program directed by a team of accomplished professionals. Classic’s sheet metal fabrication company is a vital part of worldwide supply chains for several well known global companies. We employ several types of production capabilities to produce quality assured parts with old-world workmanship and

common sense values.  Classic Sheet Metal established itself as a leader of “short run” (custom or urgent turn-around parts) and “long run” (production) sheet metal fabrication with the aid of state-of-the-art equipment and stringent quality and process control procedures. As one of the pioneers in the application of statistical process control (SPC), Classic Sheet Metal acquired decades of data which has provided members of the industry with the process capabilities of sheet metal fabrication.

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